“The Partnership is very fortunate to have someone of your energy, experience, and commitment to help us all achieve improvement to help our patients.”

Dr. Paul McGann, co-director Health and Human Services Partnership for Patients

“Your voice is articulate, strong, and genuine and is exactly what we need to help us meet our aims…Your guidance, advice and attention is extremely commendable.”

Dr. Frances Jensen, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

Beth is “a leading national patient advocate for action and progress on VTE”

Jack Jordan, Deputy Director CMS Partnership for Patients

“On behalf of the Division of Blood Disorders, I would like to thank you for your exceptional presentation this month on “What everyone needs to know about deep vein thrombosis”. The educational content you presented is valuable for our audience and the feedback we have received has been extremely positive…We appreciate your expertise and ability to communicate so effectively on this topic”

Dr. Lisa Richardson, Division Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Blood Disorders

“You did a great job (presenting), Beth.  It’s people like you who help the government get important things done.  Thank you for your dedication.”

Dr. Paul McGann, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation