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Earth Day 2019: where my local wildlife lives

A photo essay featuring North Carolina wildlife alongside their polluted habitats, in the hope it will inspire positive change.

Bolin Creek at Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC

A beaver lies bead among the trash in Bolin Creek where it intersects Franklin Street in Chapel Hill.  This is a disturbing image which i debated whether to publish.  Yet, it sums up, in one image, the cause of my concern…our actions are unintentionally contributing to the deaths of the wildlife which we say we love. I also have found a dead fox beside the water upstream.  In this one section of urban creek, I’ve documented: rabbits, raccoon, opossum, hawks, heron, owls, beaver, nutria, woodchucks, deer, and far too many birds and reptiles to list.   The biodiversity of this urban, wetland environment is simply stunning.


Jordan Lake, Apex, NC

Bells Chapel Public Access at Jordan Lake, NC.  A large amount of plastic trash can be found in the water itself.  Do Not Litter signs seem to do little to discourage people.
Osprey nest near same section of Jordan Lake as the above image. Both osprey and bald eagles eat fish from the lake and mammals living along the lake’s woodlands.  Both have been documented bringing trash items and contaminated prey to nests and young.

Haw River at Bynum, NC

A bald eagle catching fish from just under the dam at Bynum Bridge—the EXACT same location as photographed above.

Little Creek at Meadowmont, Chapel Hill, NC

All in one photograph:   Bird drinking water alongside chemical containing litter in Little Creek at Meadowmont, Chapel Hill.  Wood ducks rear young in the pond fed by this creek and there are documented hawk and barred owl nests as well, both species eat crayfish, fish and mammals from along this waterway, increasing the potential for contaminated prey to be brought back to young.

Bolin Creek at Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC

This is Bolin Creek at Franklin Street in Chapel Hill (right beside the Enterprise Rental Car store).  See all the trash which has washed down and collected? The creek is in the Jordan Lake watershed….the lake is a drinking water source and boasts active bald eagle populations.
I took this standing at the EXACT same spot on Bolin Creek at Franklin Street as the above image…a woodchuck (aka groundhog) lives in a burrow along the banks.  She raised a family there last year.


Bolin Creek Trail, Chapel Hill, NC

Litter clean-up extraordinaire Daniel Toben with a sample of chemical waste he pulled from Bolin Creek near Franklin St. He’s doing great work cleaning up our community.  Thanks Daniel!
Barred owl photographed from the Bolin Creek Trail …owls, heron & hawks all eat crayfish & fish from the creek and mammals from it’s woodlands.
Baby barred owl on its first day out of the nest last summer. It was the sole chick to successfully fledge.  I’ll keep the exact location of this nest private so as not to invite harassment of the current owlets.  Of concern is that owl parents unwittingly bring contaminated prey to feed owlets.
A red-shouldered hawk catching a crayfish in Bolin Creek near Elizabeth St.   Red-tailed, red-shouldered and Cooper’s Hawks all have nesting sights along Bolin Creek.  Again, a clean environment is important as contaminated prey can lead to both adult and baby bird death.


Outer Banks, NC

Not in the Triangle nor the best images due to distance and lighting, but I thought this was a dramatic illustration of how wildlife incorporated our waste into their lives.  This particular osprey nest had a surprising amount of construction plastic wrap, foam ‘swim noodle’ and general plastic built into the nest.

Osprey bringing trash to the nest. Nags Head, NC

Thank you for taking time to view.

To see more of my photographic work, please visit


Please don’t let the first image, be the last image for which our advanced civilization is remembered.  We can do better.  We must do better.




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