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Monday Motivation: Going beyond life’s restricted zones

Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker?

I’ve always been a color-inside-the-lines type person.  I’ve never had a speeding ticket nor even a parking ticket…which is kind of amazing since I’ve spent 30 years in a university town with tight parking and overzealous towing!

I’m so rule obsessive that I was once dismissed from a jury because, after questioning, the defense didn’t think I could identify with the accused because I was the only one of the jurors who had NEVER been in trouble with the law!  I wasn’t a ‘jury of peers’…which I’ll take that as a divine compliment any day when the potential peer is a repeat offender drug dealer who resisted arrest!

Still, is it possible to play it too safe?  Not in the law and order sense, but in life-in-general. Career advancement, public recognition, even some relationships seem to go to those who take risks rather than sit back.  Risk-taking often means pushing the boundaries of what’s deemed the status quo…to push the line of perceived acceptability out just a bit as we strive to stay within it. Stasis stagnates us. Yet, none of us likes to find ourselves hanging out alone on the outside of the line–a hard line to navigate when society inconsistently both criticizes and rewards nonconformity.

Going where you ‘shouldn’t go’ in life is a gamble…sometimes you succeed beyond your wildest expectations and other times you fall flat on your face.  But you don’t know which outcome until you push that boundary, go beyond the restricted zone in your life. And the only way to do that is by holding firm to your integrity.  Follow your inner moral compass reflecting honesty and genuineness. If something intuitively feels ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ there’s probably a good reason those feelings crop up..that’s the only restricted zone you really need to heed. You simply cannot go wrong being yourself.

Dear reader:   Getting back into the publishing groove after a long, necessary hiatus.  Expect more frequent posts on a wide range of topics. (gotta push past my own restricted zone!)


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